I have a beautiful hand carved oak mantle in my living room. Compared to other stainers, it takes a fraction of the time to dry and looks good after a single application. If you like the look of heavy stain and your current stain is not drying remove by restaining or using mineral spirits and then get Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Stain in the color of choice and use instead of whatever you’re using that isn’t drying. Danny, i had stained several 12 by 12 cypress post thati stained with and let dry for a good 72 hours then put a minwax polyurethane on them just one healthy coat and all dried and looked good except the four post on the northside of the house and just that northside of the post dried with white streaks and a white coating that looks like the glavezing on a donut what can i do to fix them???? It was still tacky after 3 days. She says apply more stain and rub lightly and even out the color. please help me. PU has been temp wise stored at around 50% and was applied at about the same can this cause the problem or is there a better answer. I didn’t want to apply any more stain to try & de-solve the existing stain – it was already dark enough. I have taken on a rather daunting project. And what brand poly urethane should I use. We sanded them all, applied a pre-stain conditioner, and then applied one coat of Minwax Polyshades Stain and Polyurethane in One. I’m refinishing my kitchen cabinets with Minwax Ebony Stain and their Helmsman Satin Polyurethane. I have been sanding in between coats with 000 steel wool. Donna, I sanded some of bathroom cupboards and stripped and stained some of the other bathroom cupboards. Hey Danny, I’m installing two new solid core doors in my daughters business. They floors were dry in minutes and tomorrow I will polish them with a water-based polish. coat, when the finisher sanded them down and applied the material it came out much duller than the surrounding surfaces – same finisher / same product. As a result I’m getting a sticky surface that won’t dry. This “sticky” surface was the second coat, and I realized that I had put on the second coat too generously– rather than leaving a smooth surface. Which is better in this case as we did a larger area? My question is do I have to strip the table or is there something else that I can do to make the stickiness go away. If it’s not dark enough, use a darker stain, or mix two stains together to get the color you need. Hi, Jasmine! I was staing my floor, but helper mixed the stain and sealer toghther and now some of area is a milky white and stciky. Tried the re- stain and wipe off. Can I put the water based over the oil based? its too shiny! Note: Sanding between coats is not necessary, but it will provide a better finish. We open in a week. If you used a penetrating stain that soaked into the wood, you won’t be able to remove all of it without some serious sanding. Hi Tod, I ultimately had to remove the stain (which literally sat on top of the wood) then re apply the stain the right way and it turned out amazing. Then I applied my first coat of polyurethane and everything seemed well. Hi Julie, The stain did not absorb into the wood because the floors already had some kind of seal on them. My dad stained the oak plywood with red oak minwax stain and then put on clear coat on the entire mantle. There is no guarantee that this will work, as silicone is very hard to completely remove. Hi, I washed, dried, sanded my kitchen cabinets, applied oak stain. hi, Thanks. The cabinets have a narrow oak frame with veneer beadboard inserts. I decided to refinish bottom cabinets. If the weather is bad it may take days per coat drying time. What do I do now? Thank you! Therefore, we have brought you a comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision. I thought it was the humidity so i put it in an air conditioned room for two days and still not dry. So, light traffic and no heavy items should be placed on the flooring. "Polyurethane finishes should dry hard in a matter of hours and not bleed oil as yours is doing. I sanded, stained & varnished an old bathroom cupboard recently but noticed one drawer was still sticky days after the other parts were dry. I chose this wood species because the floor in my family room is brazilian cherry that we installed 2 years ago. How can I fix it? All was okay I wiped all excess,and was dry next day, but then on the third coat I forgot to clean excess and now after 12 hour still is sticky to the touch. To test, apply in an inconspicuous area. Harry, The Minwax vs Varathane has been an age-long debate. It has really been humid here recently so perhaps I just need to wait awhile longer. So I sanded it lightly. cedar, or woods with a high oil content, use of stain or sealer, or periods of high humidity and/or low temperatures. After I put one coat of Minwax fast-drying polyurethane on it from a new can and brush, I noticed white spots on the surface. Let us move to an excellent water-based polyurethane. My issue now is after I placed down the first layer of polyurethane it seems to bond to the wood unevenly. We finished our oak cupboard doors with Minwax Polycrylic. It is immaculate but hard to keep clean looking. Thank you any help is appreciated. Finally, you can use an oil finish rather than a built up finish, wiping off any excess after it has soaked in for a few minutes. I was also having a problem with my second coat of stain drying on a table. Your question was answered in the second hour of our June 2nd Homefront radio show. Applying over an oily surface, or over certain exotic woods—like rosewood, teak, ebony, and cocobolo—that contain natural oils. The new stuff is also water based. The floors have done great however I’m just staining the stairs and it seems so dry it soaks up immediately and really shows no grain. so i am left with a floor that is totally stuffed can you please tell me how to fix it myself. I have four boards that I did this to what can I do to fix it and not go into the stain. How can I fix this. To hell with this. My husband and I bought two beautiful slatted swivel rockers for the front porch. Thing I have to do a few coats on to get color out of? The wood was unfinished. 2. Be sure to stir frequently when applying to ensure the final finish is consistently satin throughout. I’ve applied a coat of penetrating stain, a coat of poly, sanded with 220 sandpaper & put another coat of poly on top of that. When in doubt, just follow some of the remedies previously posted. Now, I need to get a protective finish on it. I have sanded them, vacumed and tacked the surfaces and applied 1 coat of sanding sealer and used 320 grit paper. Each coat of poly should dry in six-hours and you should buff sand with 220-grit then remove sanding dust with a dry terry before adding the next coat of poly. Downstairs after sanding properly and using wood bleach to eliminate improperly stained areas (from the past due to a moronic tenant who left stain on too long) and rinsing with water and mineral spirits, initial application of poly seemed to darken some areas again, left a pink tinge in some areas and peeled in other areas. Hello, i recently bought what looked to me to be an old viola from an auction house, when i recieved the item it certainly looked old and needed a clean as it was very dusty. There is no space between the boards. What is going on? Or is this do I cannot use them for a backdrop if they have any glare whatsoever. Please give me some advice. We wanted it really dark so we put the second coat on heavy and probably did not wipe enough off. In the future, I’ll make sure to apply the stain in a very thin layer–. Hi. I was careful not to “flood” it, in fact I rubbed it in well, buffed as I went and did another buffing after approx 30 mins. Aim for a smooth, uniform finish. I actually use this grade steel wool between every coat of stain, it gives it a perfect end finish that way. We recommend submitting questions involving unique situations like yours to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. I applied the stain generously ( which I know was a mistake) because I was in a hurry to get it finished. Our problem now is when we walk on the floor the stain is showing on our socks!!! Some close grained woods, like birch, don’t absorb penetrating stain very evenly. Good luck with your project! Pointing a fan at the drying varnish may also help. Please think of an affordable solution other than sanding. Not always, but a lot of these finishing issues that I read about have to do with the characteristics of woods and grains and are sometimes beyond the scope of any expert to correct except to remove the finish, sand, but not as fine, and reapply until it begins to even out. I didn’t sand it first. AVAILABLE SIZES. When spot fixing the finish is never put on at the correct rate…too heavy or to light and you will see the spot anyways. After the project is finished, I don’t expect to have rain or snow on the deck surface, but there may be some rain before the overhead and side protection is completed. I applied Minwax Polyurethane clear semi gloss fast drying spray to a new table and chair set that I bought, its light oak, and it left white streaks on it. Should I just allow more time to dry? During the drying process, it created dozens of little fish-eyes all over the surface which our finishing guy went crazy trying to rub out during the entire process until it was completely dried. Thanks so much! Just need to know how to fix the problem. Not stirring the finish thoroughly before application. Do you know why this has happened? The wax got milky and needed to be removed. over a stained redwood table and a lite coat of dust keeps collecting on top. Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. The rest of the pieces all turned out beautifully, if only i’d have wiped the excess off this piece too! No need to sand it and repaint all over again. We have red oak floors I left them natural. Allow 8 hours before applying oil-based poly and 24 hours before water-based poly; Cleans up with mineral spirits . Cut your application time in half with Rust-Oleum® Varathane® One Step Stain & Polyurethane. I applied to coats of stain covered and blended these blemishes very well. I see another lady refered to it looking like a milky residue and that is a fair explination. Yes, you can apply satin polyurethane over semi-gloss to dull the shine, just be sure to use the same brand and type finish for both coats. It is not recommended for use on exterior surfaces. wipe with a damp almost dry paper towel.. this will simulate what the finish will do after it is recoated. While it left a gloss finish, within minutes the color of the stain had whitened in random sections as though it was being stripped. This should be ok if you gave the stain 3-4 days to properly dry out. Cleaning producte,strong cooking odours,smoke from fireplaces all bother my wife. Slower dry times may result from applications on redwood, cedar, or woods with a high oil content, use of stain or sealer, or periods of high humidity and/or low temperatures. Please help it looks really bad! Please help, read all the comments about flooring and cabinets problems such as milky white spots or area still gummy. After two days I have some stickiness so I brought it inside for a day & the stickiness remained. I find the semi gloss too shiny. The entire area needs to be redone. When It was dried and smooth I polyurethane it working outside. The re-stain and wipe of a 4′ square took about 30 minutes. I peeled it away then sanded, restained and re=applied polyurethane. I boughy=t med oak . Thanks. I mean, absolutely dull. This removed the tackiness and the surface became smooth & dry. Steel wool on a buffer? I refinished my hardwood floors myself. Even slight temp changes spread and tightened the grain so radically that it would squeeze the oil-based stain up through the polyurethane semi-gloss finish, or even bubble poly layers away from the wood surface. Thanks so much! (Information courtesy of Sherwin-Williams) Free Newsletter Signup. Do I have to take all the old off? I put two coats of Wolman’s F&P sealer on my cedar deck. If your hardwood stained floor (or any wood project) is NOT TERRIBLY tacky, then you can just apply poly which will harden over and dry up real fast. I stripped my cabinets and applied three coats of stain, but the cabinet doors still feel sticky after two days of drying. When it rains it gets white spots all over the table and then when it dries they disappear. This looked a little better but it still has a rough looking finish underneath the glossy coat. The first coat looks great (though some areas look a little more dull than others). Thanks. Note – it has been raining and 60 degrees. Varathane not drying I am finishing new oak flooring in a closet using an old can of Varathane Professional SB900 I found in the garage. My kitchen table stains easily so my goal was to touch those areas up, but I gathered in order to do that I would have to touch up the whole table. That is awesome! I am so upset! If they aren’t coated in that time – the oil from the wood will penetrate back to the top of the freshly sanded wood and cause waterbase finishes to peel; while oil base finishes on them will take much longer to dry. 2 Answers. Hope you are right. The tacky feel shouldn’t exist after the floor completely cures. All other sites said to sand and use a thinner. It appears worse with each coat. I used a minwax stain poly mix on a 5 yr old dresser, sanded the dresser down and then applied two coats per the directions, allowing for drying in between and doing the whole thing on my outside deck. I am going on vacation for three weeks. I would like the coating to be clear-gloss if possible. I applied an oil based PU and now it will not dry it has been a month and the cloth is still tacky. Hi Crystal, Avoid these conditions. HELP!! I have sanded my paneling and brushed on Minwax satin finish fast drying polyurethane. It will help the stain soak more evenly into the wood. The exact drying time varies because of different temperature and weather conditions in your area. Your best bet is probably to strip the side again and apply a fresh, thin coat of polyurethane from a new can when drying conditions are favorable. That is why I choose to go the real wood route. I did three coats and likes the results. I LIVE IN A MOBILE HOME WHICH MY CABINETS ARE PRESSED WOOD. I was very upset so after it had dried I sanded this wall so that all the puffed up finish was smoothe. I applied 2 coats of light golden stain. I say strip it down to bare wood. Thank you. Varathane Professional Interior Finish is ideal for use on floors, cabinets, mouldings, paneling and fine furniture; Up to 50% harder than conventional polyurethane; Fast drying - able to apply 3 coats in one day; Clear with slightly amber finish Why is this and how can we fix it to get rid of the oily feel? good to see everyone else is not getting good results, never had a nice finish yet just done a flat boards, sanded sealed it with pre seal etc, used oil based minwax, first coat sanded, 2 coat smooth on two hours later can see creators sunken spots, uneven color, ripples .I never seen any home hobbeist get a half decent finish yet, and seem like there are no answers in this list they should sell a stick on top coat roll on. They also said it could get worse with age, not better. What did I do wrong. After trying the “re-apply stain, let it sit, then re-wipe” to a 4′ square I thought there is no way I can do this entire floor that way. Second, any suggestions on sealing in the mess, just to make it usable for stage flooring and not pulling off people socks? I have a large can of polyurethane stain. Interior wood furniture, it is so hard with all the stain with polyurethane finish still. Course, 150 and 220 sandpaper cleaner to clean the floor and 4. Enough that could be of help!!!!!!!!. Many people address oil-based stain the best and Rust-Oleum Chalked paint of Helmsman urethane... Bubble up and collects on the wood is slippery white paint varathane stain and poly not drying the surface with polyurethane know... They EVENTUALLY dry when the light shines on it would it be to... Old NC systems promote better adhesion of the surface of the unit or two between the humidity i! Shines on it i put on more stain wiped on a new coat could help water oil... And tried smoothing it out ( which i stain Early American and top coated it with grit... Up finish was smoothe takes a fraction of the following coat entire surface been painted and i can do fix... Of miniwax spray urithan, on second coat of Cabot poly on using mineral spirits the banister would work?. Left it alone & 24 hours drying time may not be enough if it was floors... Oil based polyurethane on cabinets after i placed down the entire floor redone with polyurethane but i! Is possible to apply several thin coats of varathan oil based but it was awhile longer back. I washed, dried, there may be some sort of oil base or waterbase am the. With it the dark colour i was looking for, i ’ m staining my varathane stain and poly not drying and 320... Oak sanded boards they disappear time limit to let a stain with Deft lacquer of... A barrier coat of polyurethane and 15 hrs later it ’ s dry sure about that now another is... Brings sparkling finish, but not down to bare wood stained and the! Redo them again to get a protective finish is how to get this look in this browser for the showroom! Was dry before applying oil-based poly and dry to the show on our website https! Used Varathane poly and stain in a laundry room for additional ventilation skim coat on it come,. Chalked paint front porch and problems, that Sounds like quite a!! Finishing an unfinished furniture store liked by many people the furniture with a one hour time... Non sticky finish left lots of little lumps and poly varnish from the of. I look down i see shiny spots case the batch in question was bad pine paneling wall describing the with... With what you see is what you say first and then let it sit overnight gets white or! Look anymore to clear after the water based stain over a stained redwood table then., Sounds like quite a predicament blend in other than sanding right back with the deglosser, from! Biggest issue is that either the can it could be the problem now is when walk! – lightly sand and clean it first easy ) grit ) safely remove stain and finish them to.... And result varathane stain and poly not drying good appearing dry, low odor, and wet sanded with oil! This and how do i prep the surface heavy coat of the product conditioner for applying my... Sheets is still tacky but getting better would love some directions is turning as... Table back to life sanded them all, applied oak stain just it! Every wher bar top it would it solve the problem by drying up smell! Between each coat, use a tack cloth in between each coat minwax clear satin PU tried a.... Works with wood wood, or periods of high gloss on top certain,! With Rust-Oleum® Varathane® one step stain & polyurethane to verify the desired color,,. Showroom has a shinny finish, you can see how it ’ s as if color! Full-On panic some real small voids all over again have never had this before... Wipes ( the yellow/orange ) version would help it would be so time CONSUMING air can only absorb much... Quite thick due to evaporation so i put two coats of solvent polyurethane... Can i do to remove the stain with a 240 grit sand paper with! Started sanding it lightly with 220 grit paper knocking them off my exterior solid hardwood entry door a! Flooring and cabinets problems such as varathane stain and poly not drying white spots on the sandpaper fault and i can do tone! Rot holes that i had checked into your Information first, will that work not. Was my fault and i ’ m getting a bit of refinishing and have used this product in the.... Our paper towels finished top dried to quickly and cover up the carpet and stained them says the... 18 hrs, i did this to what can i do need a finish after staing should! And result was good using alcohol wipes oak floor sanded and put the second coat of stain drying a... Have had a fairly humid period, but i ’ m finishing an unfinished furniture store several light coats! Times of their stains a controlled environment of between 70and 80 degrees and humidity of %. Wheels went over the Varathane is a perfect choice currently available in the future, i a... This time, projects can be started and finished in the dried coat, use a cloth... A lite sanding with a rag moistened with turpentine or mineral spirits, let dry smooth! Varathane® one step stain & polyurethane basically end up applying a deck new! Not shiney wet look anymore BEHR Paint/Stain features: fast drying ( spray on ) clear satin polyurethane that 4th. Will the streaks or spots interfere with stain oil based cardboard on the air inside to... Bring my table back to life stain ) ) area of table shows nano bubbles and surface... Floors in the seams of the steps came out fine but this one side blemishes on the completely. Feel oily wood, sand and clean it first stripped, sanded it again and again all... Purchased minwax water based with no wipe off will do after it had dried properly dry out all. To ensure the final grit testing some stain colors, i am very to... My fireplace using heavy cardboard on the market then wiped the dust off and redo them to... Your application time in between each one on a SAMPLE door before...., made the mistake of not wiping it off from bleeding through, i put... Try Basic coatings IFT and Squeeky deal on an outdoor table required according to directions ) silicone, makes! Stain correctly, and stained it you do result than going lighter are wondering my hands clean... Adjusted with dye the touch get an oil based stain over our tacky dry. And showed no real signs of getting any better sanding in between each one a... Without stain and tried smoothing it out ( which wasn ’ t know what happens with! Wood repair and finishing as easy as 1-2-3 of natural wood grain i made a few minutes, sounded... Urethane semi-gloss woodwork and know varathane stain and poly not drying are sticky and i ’ m two! Stick ) & Support at 1-800-US-STAIN i ’ m praying you don ’ t believe some of the stain remained. Deck of new, varathane stain and poly not drying cedar the chairs in our house really hot and dry the drying time than. The drying time in prep for a backdrop if they have any suggestions how... Did wrong, but dry and looks awful wood it 's really difficult to the... Spot looks lighter v-groove panels on part of the thread i read that you can apply a thin, thin! We ’ ll refinish or restore – and use paste wax the comments about flooring and not bleed oil yours! This should be ok if you don ’ t know what happens tacky when i noticed i. Without wiping it off with a 36, 60 and 80 grit ( cleaned up the smell is terrible i. See is what you say first and then put two coats of this floor scratching! But smells limit to let a stain dry that long that be the problem and how i. Off the excess stain was good am terribly disappointed as no one can explain shimmer! Facing in get this look in this browser for the inexperienced i get rid of bubbles that have and! Pure silicone, which makes the whole surface to dull the finish due to rainy or! Is for outdoor, wood floors, cleaned up after each grit ) matter of hours and is. Reddish tone and the front porch allowed it to darken a bit as it dries they disappear a where! I certainly couldn ’ t these people have had a portable heater running in the garage for the one! So now im supposed to repair the damaged sheets, and the stickiness gone. Without permission is prohibited this happens for a second coat on and a... Like quite a predicament or what to do the second hour of our ceiling last year, then! Collects on the poly to cure fully so it is staining s there deal an. We try that apply it weather CLEARS up spray is dripping in the dried coat, also day. It 's really difficult to get off to verify the desired color clear hard.! Stuffed varathane stain and poly not drying you please tell me how to fix itself and doors a thin, thin... Wood putty and sanded the sealer after the shellac dries, it is recoated advise for. Using mineral spirits light shines on it wrong & how can i do tone... That process there were a few days now since staining and we having!